TAWAKKAL TRUST  established  in  2007.    It  is  a  non-commercial   and  non-profitable organization.   Our  reputation as a  leader  in training  has been earned by introducing  innovative  design and superior training methods.   More important we an organization, which understand your needs. By enrolling you in training programs, offered by us, you will get a competitive get the advantages and benefits to achieve a sure success in your career.
There are four (04) main Departments are working properly under the Expert, Talented and knowledgeable Trainers.

1. TAWAKKAL Islamic Academy
2. TAWAKKAL Dispensary
3. TAWAKKAL Mosque
4. TAWAKKAL Computer & English Language Centre



You can support us in any way; we give the education to students
Check the DONATE NOW Page

Address: Tawakkal Trust, Qazi Abdul Qayoom Road, Near Utility Store, Hyder Chock,

Contect: 0333-2628510, 0332-2665233 & 0346-3934481

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